Position Statement

1. I believe in the Second Amendment.

  • I believe that people have the right to bear arms responsibly.
  • I believe there should be reasonable regulation of the second amendment consistent with the language contained in it. The right to bear a​rms doesn’t extend to the right to own high-powered assault rifles that shoot hundreds of rounds per minute. As with the First Amendment there must be limits. The right for people to live without fear of going to the mall or the movie theatre or wondering if their kids will be safe in school should not be the price of freedom.
  •  I believe in sensible gun control which adheres to the spirit of the 2nd Amendment, with increased regulation that will keep guns out of the hands of people who are dangerous to themselves or others. This includes:
      • Universal background checks
      • Closing loopholes for internet and gun show sales
      • Extreme risk protective orders
      • Ban assault-style rifles
      • Limit magazine capacity

2. I believe in Free Speech and Freedom of the Press

  • I believe that just as there should be limits to the Second Amendment, so should there be on the First. For example, you can’t yell fire in a theater.
  •  I believe social media companies like Google and YouTube have a responsibility to restrict the distribution of hateful, threatening and malevolent content. Such content, particularly that which targets families of victims of gun violence should be policed by social media rather than put the onus for flagging this horrific content on the victims.
  • I believe the posting of murder on social media, regardless of its “newsworthiness” by these platforms should be prohibited. Other Western governments are taking action and so should ours.