The Independent   June 2, 2022

My daughter was killed by a shooter. None of us want Republicans' thoughts and prayers.   ongoing

Tell Gray Television to grant a co-copyright to help me fight YouTube and Facebook.

The Washington Post   October 13, 2021

Videos of his daughter's murder still linger on Facebook. He's calling on the FTC to step in.

US News and World Report   October 12, 2021

Slain reporter's father takes on Facebook over violent videos

The Independent   October 12, 2021

Father vows to defeat 'lying' Facebook over daughter's death videos: 'They are making money from murder'

60 Minutes   October 12, 2021

Fighting Back Against Internet Lies

CNN   Business Perspectives  July 28, 2020

The video of my daughter's murder is still on YouTube and Facebook. They should have to take it down

ABC News   (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)  February 25, 2020

YouTube lets people view Alison Parker's murder. Her father won't stop until every video is removed.

CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow  February 21, 2020

Father of slain journalist Alison Parker takes on YouTube over graphic videos

USA Today   February 20, 2020

Google, YouTube should remove murder videos, father of slain journalist tells FTC

Fox News The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino  February 20, 2020

Father of slain journalist Alison Parker calls out Google, YouTube over videos of daughter's killing

The Washington Post   February 20, 2020

Father of slain journalist Alison Parker takes on YouTube over alleged refusal to remove graphic videos

USA Today   August 9. 2019

Father of slain journalist asks Congress for exceptions to legal protections for big tech

C-Span   August 6. 2019

My Daughter's Murder is Still on Google and Youtube

CISION PR Newswire   July 30. 2019

Andy Parker, father of slain journalist Alison Parker, to advocate for review of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

Fox News  July 16, 2019

Google VP grilled in hearing over alleged bias against conservatives, as slain reporter's father calls for regulation

The Washington Post   July 9, 2019

Gun debate ends abruptly in Virginia as GOP-controlled legislature adjourns after 90 minutes

The Roanoke Times   March 24, 2019

Three years after Alison Parker's death, her father takes on Google to quash spread of violent content

CNN Reliable Sources   March 17, 2019

Are tech giants doing enough to protect users?

Newsy   March 15, 2019

Father Says YouTube Is Fueling Conspiracy Theories On Daughter's Death

Media Matters for America   March 11, 2019

Father of slain Virginia journalist calls out Google for not doing more to monitor violent content

WUSA9   March 10, 2019

'I loved watching your daughter die' / Father of murdered journalist responds to conspiracy theorists

The Washington Post   March 7, 2019

YouTube has bolstered conspiracy theories about my daughter's murder. It must stop.

National Press Club   March 7, 2019

After losing his daughter to violence, father becomes advocate for gun safety

Fox News The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino  March 5, 2019

Father of murdered journalist on gun control, fight to remove video of daughter's death from the web  March 5, 2019

After Journalist Daughter's On-Air Shooting Death, Dad's Book Is 'Call to Action' on Gun Violence